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Find Your Local Community Sub-Station

District Map

The City of Providence is divided into nine districts and consists of five District Lieutenants who serve as commanding officers in their assigned area. This decentralized approach enables police officers to be more accessible and responsive to the citizens in their district. In addition, each Lieutenant is responsible for developing a crime-fighting strategy that is specific to the unique issues that are prevalent in his/her respective district.

Public Safety Complex
325 Washington Street
Providence, RI 02903
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District Commander


District 1

270 Weybossett St. (Main)
43 Elm St. (Secondary)

District 2
Upper South Providence
Lower South Providence

District 3

South Elmwood

Washington Park


District 4
Federal Hill
West End

District 5
Silver Lake

District 6

  • Manton
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Elmhurst
  • Valley
  • District 7
  • Charles
  • Wanskuck
  • Smith Hill

District 8

  • Hope
  • Mount Hope
  • Blackstone
  • College Hill

District 9

  • Wayland
  • College Hill
  • Fox Point

Find your local PPD Substation

Please note that Providence Police Substations are staffed intermediately

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